Telecom Debt Collection Software


Raise payment rates and increase staff productivity.

Scorto™ Ample Collection is a specialized solution for automating debt management processes. The system uses scoring technologies and risk-based collections mechanism to maximize process efficiency.

  • Flexible workflow using several portfolios and lending specializations;
    Evaluation, rating and segmentation of loan cases: use of scoring models and credit rules to evaluate and segment borrowers;
  • Organization of cooperation and interaction between several collection departments and various other groups for First Dunning Level, Second Dunning Level, Third Dunning Level;
  • Specialized reporting — more than 30 types of predefined reports for different departments
  • Automated methods of influencing borrowers
  • 30—50 % decrease in time and thus minimum expenditure on managing problem borrowers;
  • 25—50 % increase in the volume of repaid loans;
  • Exact evaluation and rating of problem loan portfolio for subsequent reselling.