Insurance Policy Software


Lower policy acquisition cost. Improve efficiency of underwriting operations.

Scorto™ Originator empowers insurance agents to gain an information advantage over competitors, and instantly render the right decisions for premium and co-pay parameters, which are optimal for both the policyholder and the insurer’s business. This decreases customer acquisition costs, improves policy flow, reduces loss ratios & improves pricing.

  • Standardize and simplify policy underwriting
  • Ensure minimal exposure to policy management errors
  • Overcome the complexity and redundancy in policy underwriting processes
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Drive customer loyalty with fast & accurate service

Scorto™ Originator automates policy underwriting and enables insurers to reduce the cycle time of and underwriting, minimize financial risk exposure and increase operational efficiency. Proven scoring techniques allow insurers to better understand potential risk by utilizing more holistic information about the potential policy holder increase the speed, accuracy and control of the policy issuing operations.

The system provides visual interface to adjust workflow in response to desired changes in business flow. Wizard-based business process modeling engine eliminates vendor dependency and internal IT staff involvement. With Scorto™ Originator, insurers can effectively leverage the power of information to reduce loss ratios & litigation expenses.